What is GreatLeaders.TV?

GreatLeaders.TV is an opportunity for you to take some of the best courses available for becoming a great leader. Whether you’re leading a few or many, in a professional or personal environment, these courses will help you hone your gifts and skills to move to the next level. We know your time is valuable, so we promise two things. First, each session will be short enough to fit easily into a busy leader’s day–usually just 10-12 minutes. Second, each series will be taught by a recognized leader and skilled communicator. You’ll find the GreatLeaders.TV approach fun, the lessons easy to absorb, and immediately applicable.  Get started and become the best leader you can be.

Here are just a few of our courses…

Leadership 101: When the Elephant Kicks Free

The truth is that we manage things, but we lead people. This means that leading is all about matters of the human soul: destiny, individual gifts, character, excellence, and investing for success. In this introduction to the art of leadership, Stephen Mansfield explains perspectives and practices that will make you a successful leader in your field.

Ten Signs of a Leadership Crash

For many years, Stephen Mansfield and the Mansfield Group has specialized in helping organizations and leaders recover from destructive leadership crashes. Stephen began to realize that there are common signs of impending crises that often go unnoticed, and in this series, Stephen identifies the ten common conditions that give rise to a leadership crash and explains how to develop a “safety net” to avoid such a disaster in your organization.

12 Truths About Speaking for Leaders

In order to lead well, leaders must speak well. In this six part series, Stephen Mansfield explains the techniques of effective speaking, exploring topics like the building blocks of a good speech, tactics for overcoming nervousness, and how to build a culture of speaking excellence in your organization. You can be a more effective speaker and this mini-series will show you the way.

12 Truths About Writing for Leaders

In this valuable series, New York Times bestselling author Stephen Mansfield explains the foundations of a successful writing life. Writers around the world have found this series surprising and liberating. Stephen discusses matters as practical as your platform and as seemingly mystical as the narrative voice that has been forming in your mind all your life. This is the best mini-course anywhere for launching you into an effective writer’s life!