Stephen Mansfield is a New York Times bestselling author, a popular speaker, an advisor to leaders around the world, and an activist for a number of frontline social causes. He brings all of this passion and experience to The Stephen Mansfield Podcast. In short, fiery, informative talks, Stephen boldly deals with topics as wide ranging as learning how to learn and the crisis of racism in our time, as controversial as religion in politics and the loss of vital manhood in our generation. Join us every week for another exciting, learned, stirring “Mansfieldian” romp!

Latest Podcasts

August 15, 2018

Americans on both sides of the aisle are curious and concerned about what may happen to abortion’s legal status. Stephen argues that Roe v. Wade was bad law.

August 8, 2018

“Trumpism” and “conservatism” are two separate things, and Donald Trump’s approach to championing conservative values can make many nervous.

August 1, 2018

What’s it like to be free from the Messianic nature of American politics? Find out in this episode! No candidate or party will ever be the universal one-size-fits-all solution to the world’s problems.

July 25, 2018

We’ve entered a new age of our generation: an age of crass, malicious, and vile politics. It’s not one-sided. Both Trump and the left have contributed to this.

July 18, 2018

If you’re a regular listener, you know that Stephen’s hammered the Trump administration for its lack of support of the Kurds. But something wonderful happened earlier this month.

July 11, 2018

The role of a justice is to interpret the law – not create it. This week: politics, justice appointments, and the Supreme Court’s place in our society.

July 4, 2018

Midsummer is here, and reading is on many listeners’ minds. Stephen shares some of the top reading habits he’s developed over the years.

June 27, 2018

Melania has many admirable qualities, but she does not seem to rely on advisers. As a leader, you’ve got to know what kind of advisers you need. And then you’ve got to trust them.

June 20, 2018

We allow our allies to take advantage of us. We allow them to issue high tariffs against us. If we’re going to have a President from the private sector, he should bring his powerful negotiating skills to the table!

June 13, 2018

The annual suicide rate in the U.S. has increased 24% between 1999 and 2014. Stephen reflects on suicide in our culture, as well as the recent loss of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade.

June 6, 2018

We are losing our influence in Iraq, along with the benefits of our sacrifice and the trillions that we’ve spent there. And we’re hearing nothing out of Washington.

May 30, 2018

Politicians aren’t usually known for their courage. While certainly not right on all issues, the Trump administration deserves credit for some recent decisions.