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How Much Dissent is Allowed?

You’ve heard me say repeatedly in these Leading Thoughts that leading an organization is much about creating a culture within that organization. Part of your decision about the nature of that culture is determining the level of dissent you are willing to allow. We are watching today a debate in [read more]

2021-05-11T13:23:37-04:00May 12th, 2021|Leading Thoughts|

Loyalty in the Workplace

You know your economics and so you already know what I’m about to say. The Marxist critique of the ruling class—he called it the “class which rules”—is that it exploits the workers, that it manipulates political power for its own good, and that it oppresses the lower classes and leaves [read more]

2021-04-20T11:48:19-04:00April 21st, 2021|Leading Thoughts|

Multigenerational Businesses

A great many Leading Thoughts readers have asked about how to wisely navigate having family members working in the same firm. So let me tackle this sometimes troubling subject. Leaders of our generation grew up watching television shows like Bonanza or The Big Valley or, more recently, Blue Bloods. These [read more]

2021-03-24T14:31:37-04:00March 24th, 2021|Leading Thoughts|

Imagination is Fuel

Let me state it plainly. Mental rigidity is death to great leadership. Imagination is fuel to great leadership. I’ve been watching some recent news stories through the lens of this truth and it has been inspiring and disturbing all at the same time. For example, we all saw the news [read more]

2021-02-24T13:52:24-05:00March 3rd, 2021|Leading Thoughts|
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