It’s Time to Back the Kurds

I have a book about the Kurds coming out soon and when people hear of it they often ask me who the Kurds are. There was a time when I answered questions of this kind by saying that the Kurds consider themselves the ancient Medes, that they are fierce warrior poets who endear friends with […]

My Thirty Favorite Things

My Thirty Favorite Things 1. Comedian: Brian Regan 2. Music: Celtic 3. Drink: Smoothie King Strawberry Slim ‘n Trim 4. Airline: Delta 5. Service: Uber 6. App: Zite 7. Meal: Chinese 8. Book of Bible: Ecclesiastes 9. Novel: Peace Like a River, Leif Enger 10. Novelist: Pat Conroy 11. City: Istanbul 12. Walk: Alexandria, VA […]

Men, Do These Things

Stop talking so much about being a man. Turn to a man you trust and say, “I want to be a better man. Help me.” Create a “free fire zone” with five other men. Anything they need to say to make you better, they must say. You too. Do something physically challenging every day. Stop […]

Leadership is Crafting a Culture: A Lesson from NASA

In all the work with leaders I have done over the years, I have learned that there is a single concept which tends to divide the successful from those who constantly fall short. If a leader understands this concept, the likelihood that he will be successful is quite high. If not, all his skills and […]

To Bring Our Valiants Home

I wrote this bit of free verse for a Kennedy Center tribute to soldiers I did some years ago. Vince Gill and Amy Grant asked me to pen something to start the evening. I was out of my league, trust me, but I was delighted to have a chance to honor the many American Heroes […]