Men, Do These Things

Stop talking so much about being a man. Turn to a man you trust and say, “I want to be a better man. Help me.” Create a “free fire zone” with five other men. Anything they need to say to make you better, they must say. You too. Do something physically challenging every day. Stop […]

Leadership is Crafting a Culture: A Lesson from NASA

In all the work with leaders I have done over the years, I have learned that there is a single concept which tends to divide the successful from those who constantly fall short. If a leader understands this concept, the likelihood that he will be successful is quite high. If not, all his skills and […]

To Bring Our Valiants Home

I wrote this bit of free verse for a Kennedy Center tribute to soldiers I did some years ago. Vince Gill and Amy Grant asked me to pen something to start the evening. I was out of my league, trust me, but I was delighted to have a chance to honor the many American Heroes […]

Reading and the State of My Soul

I lived through a horrible season about a decade ago. The details aren’t important now but the lessons learned during those days of darkness are. Among them is a truth about reading and the condition of my inner being that has proven invaluable: the act of reading reveals the state of my soul. I first […]

The Last Words of Abraham Lincoln

Among the memories of those who lived through that dreadful April day so many years ago was how the afternoon sunshine quickly descended into evening gloom. With darkness had come fog and a gentle mist that dampened the nation’s capital. A chill followed, an unwelcome surprise after the warmth of day. Then there was the […]