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The Last Words of Abraham Lincoln

Among the memories of those who lived through that dreadful April day so many years ago was how the afternoon sunshine quickly descended into evening gloom. With darkness had come fog and a gentle mist that dampened the nation’s capital. A chill followed, an unwelcome surprise after the warmth of day. Then there was the […]

I Want You to Go to Israel With Me

I want you to go to Israel with me. More accurately, I want you to go to Israel on a tour with my friend Don Moen, a tour on which I’ll be teaching. It’s going to be a lot of fun. What I really want is for you to absorb an understanding of the land and […]

The Temptation of St. Patrick

St. Patrick’s Day is approaching. There will be much beer drinking and green wearing to mark it. I’m moved by all of Patrick’s life but there is one episode in particular that comes back to me again and again, particularly at this time of year. It helps me. Perhaps it will help you as well. […]

Don’t Make Dreams Your Master

One of the most piercing bits of advice I’ve ever heard comes from Rudyard Kipling’s inspiring poem, “If.” He wrote, simply, “dream” but don’t make “dreams your master.” It is counsel we should all take to heart. We live in an age that urges us all to dream big dreams, to pursue the great adventure […]

From the Introduction to Mansfield’s Book of Manly Men

I’m going to have to say something harsh. I hate doing it, but I say this in order to kick-start some men to greater manhood. Here it is: it is time for unfathered men to stop waiting for someone to father them. If you’ve had a loving, devoted father or father figure in your life, […]