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Lincoln’s Battle With God

This month we celebrate Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. Lincoln was widely recognized as our greatest president, but he was not without his struggles. Stephen discusses his book in this interview with John Seigenthaler.

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Part of being a great leader is being on high alert for the warning signs that can jeopardize your tremendous opportunity for impact. Leaders, you can learn about the 10 major warning signs in this interview I did with my friend @donaldmiller : https://t.co/ktgtSyWdRE.

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Unpack Your Bags

Let me discuss with you in this Leading Thoughts a big macro-principle I want you to live out and then also a smaller truth that may save you some trouble. We live at a time when people, particularly leaders, work their main job, but they also have a whole lot [read more]

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Stephen gave this TEDx Talk in 2016, but unfortunately not much has changed. The Kurds are still the primary “boots on the ground” against ISIS in the Middle East. They are 35 million strong worldwide, the largest people group on earth without their own homeland. In this stirring talk, Stephen tells the story of the Kurds and does so, surprisingly, through the lives of three women.