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The Search for God and Guinness

“Frothy, delicious, intoxicating, and nutritious. No, I’m not just talking about Guinness Stout—I’m talking about Stephen Mansfield’s fabulous book The Search for God and Guinness.”
-Eric Metaxas

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Some of the ancient slogans are true: Fortune does favor the bold. Character is destiny. Our wounds do make us better. A life of meaning is indeed to be preferred over a life of fame.

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How to Increase Your Worth Part 1

I want to write to you about an immensely important part of your leadership. I also have to offer an apology. The apology is due because I haven’t addressed this aspect of your skill set enough, and I haven’t done it because it is within a field my firm specializes [read more]

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Stephen was interviewed by Dan Rather in 2007 about the separation of church and state and, specifically, the role of faith on the battlefield.