A Culture of Learning

The traditional transaction between a worker and an employer is: “You work and I’ll pay you.” Yet the wise leader understands that he or she can expand that transaction and not only make their firm a greater success but also change lives. Let me tell you about a bakery owner [read more]

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The #2 Leaders

These Leading Thoughts are for senior leaders, and this means that each of us is likely to have extremely capable people at our side, making our vision possible. I certainly do. My Executive Assistant is Karen Montgomery, and she is an amazing gift. She is far over-qualified for what she does for [read more]

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I want to talk to you about integrity in your leadership, but in order to hit my target I need to rework what the word integrity means. Let me do this by quoting a paragraph from Mansfield’s Book of Manly Men.  The army of ancient Rome used this word [integrity] [read more]

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Inner Matters

Let me push into your interior in this Leading Thoughts. Let me probe around in your soul a bit and drive you to greater wholeness. In other words, let me talk to you a bit about your inner life as a leader. To keep this clear and focused, I’m going [read more]

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Suck the Poisons Out

It was once said of President Gerald Ford that with his kindness and forgiving ways he “sucked the poisons” of Watergate out of the country. You may not agree but hold on to this phrase “suck the poisons out,” because this is what great leaders do. There is a type [read more]

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