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The Example of Bill Lee

Bill Lee, the newly inaugurated Governor of Tennessee, is a model for both the GOP and broader politics in America. Just 30 days before election day he was polling behind by double digits. His opponents slung mud and tried to smear him. “This campaign’s starting to feel like a race [read more]

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The Enemy is Staleness

There is an enemy of great leadership that few leaders recognize and so few leaders combat. Yet this enemy is robbing them of top effectiveness and destroying some of their most noble dreams. This enemy is staleness. I imagine this sounds strange to you. Something more like poor management or [read more]

2019-01-15T18:09:34+00:00January 16th, 2019|Leading Thoughts|

A Revealing Proposal

You know that Stephen tends to pay attention to macro-trends and verified stories, but he’s intrigued by something he’s heard from people in the administration and on the Hill. Some are saying that there is at least the hope of the tiniest possibility (how’s that for a disclaimer?) that President [read more]

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Bedroom Talk

I’ve seen some pretty serious messes occur when leaders forgot a very simple principle. That principle is this: There is a difference between what we say in the living room and what we say in the bedroom. There are things Bev and I will say in front of friends. There [read more]

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Surviving the Shutdown

The Founding Fathers distrusted human nature. They were mostly Christians who believed in the Fall of Man. Though the phrase hadn’t been uttered yet, they believed that “absolute power corrupts absolutely.” That’s why they designed a tripartite government that forces conflict to serve us. They wanted tension, differing opinions, and [read more]

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What’s Coming in 2019

Stephen doesn’t typically make end-of-year predictions, but in this episode he analyzes current trends in the world and the United States, focusing on three specific shifts we might expect in 2019. Listen to the warning signs, and then stay tuned for some solutions and hope! Stephen shares tactics and strategies [read more]

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The Coming Trump Crisis

If you’re a regular listener, you know that Stephen has concerns about the degree to which religious conservatives have blindly supported Donald Trump. Though right of center and glad for much of what the Trump administration has accomplished, Stephen is grieved by Donald Trump’s manner: his language, racist attitudes, and [read more]

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