During this past week, I’ve been deeply challenged about how I live. It has all been the doing of Apple—the company, not the fruit.

Apple, Inc. released a new version of their Photo program about a week ago and it is so wonderful that it has plunged me into the more than 6,000 photos I have stored on my computer, iPad, and iPhone. It is nearly as though my life—in the form of occasional photos—has passed before my eyes.

I have felt the things I imagine we all do when we look at past photos. I have grieved the loss of friends. I have laughed at how we change through the years. I have felt deep gratitude for all God allows me to do. Most of all, I have felt enveloped yet again by the love of my family.

Though I’ve seen some of these pictures hundreds of times, the experience this past week has come with something new—a sense of challenge about the depth of my life. Don’t misunderstand. I’m not wondering if I am reflective enough, fruitful enough or caring enough. Instead, I’m wondering two things. First, in all those moments captured in all those photos, am I conscious of the presence of God? The Apostle Paul said that “in him, we live, and move and have our being.” Is this my theology without being my experience? I’m asking myself. Second, I wonder at the quality of connection I have with the people in those pictures. I know so many people and have the privilege of working beside the best men and women I can imagine. Am I loving them as I should? Am I leaving the imprint upon their lives I am meant to?

I feel no judgement or condemnation in these questions as they seem to form just above my head and in my heart. I do feel a gentle yet powerful challenge to be present and to know God and the people he places around me in the fullest, most immediate way possible.

Join me. And have a great weekend.