Mansfield’s Book of Manly Men

This book for men was birthed out of both a passion and an anger. I felt anger over how men are usually portrayed on television as fools or as dogs hanging out at the pole shoving $20 bills into some woman’s underwear. My passion came from listening to young men on university campuses demand, “Look, I know we’re all screwed up, but just tell me what to do. No one has ever told us what a man is. Just tell us what we are supposed to do to be men.”

In response, I wrote this book. I intend it as a hard-hitting, raw, path for men who want to become great men. I have filled the book with clear principles, historical vignettes, quotes, questions for men to challenge each other with, and even book and movie recommendations. This book is not everything a man needs to be a great man, but it is more than a start.

“Buckle your chinstrap before you pick up this book because it is truth and its challenge will hit you as you’ve never been hit. A must read for every man!” – Mark Brunell, former NFL quarterback