More Than Dates & Dead People

I hated history. Perhaps it was that my history teacher was named Miss Wratchet and I thought she parked her broom in the school parking lot. Perhaps it was that the history taught in her classroom was so boring it was like watching paint dry.

I hated history and I avoided it as much as I could. Then, I realized I didn’t really hate history at all. If it was in movies, novels, and in stories told around a campfire, I actually loved it.

Soon, I began understanding that the philosophy behind the way history is taught makes all the difference. I read, I wrote, I learned, and then I wanted to share my newfound love for history with kids who were as bored with the past as I had been.

So, history really is More Than Dates and Dead People and here is the book to prove it!

“History with a fun twist!” – Amazon Reviewer