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Ten Signs of a Leadership Crash

In my years of crisis consulting, I began to realize that there are common warning signs of impending leadership crashes. I knew if I could identify these signs and teach them to others, I could help people avoid the kind of costly crashes so common in our age. I came up with a list of ten signs that seemed to be present in nearly every leadership crash we handled—from the CEO who was arrested by the FBI to the fallen pastor to the politician who destroyed his reputation and his cause as a result of illegal activity on Capitol Hill.

I wrote this short book to put these ten signs in an easily accessible form. I want to give companies, leadership teams, even married couples the language and concepts necessary to see the signs and prevent a leadership crash.

“When I first read this material, my heart started cheering. It’s encouraging to remember that crashes don’t have to happen.” – Dave Ramsey, Radio Host and Bestselling Author