For many years I have given a talk entitled “Churchill: Leader in Time of Crisis.” It is one of my most popular talks in the business community and I have presented it to corporate gatherings that range from Capital One to branches of the U.S. Army.

I decided a few days ago that this talk might be useful to you during this Covid-19 Crisis. Not only are you a leader professionally but we must all be leaders these days in our families, communities, and even—odd though it sounds—in our own souls.

So in this week’s Leading Thoughts I want to share a simple version of the talk. It is nothing fancy and is not intended to be. But if you will click on the link here, you’ll be taken to a 25 minute mini-seminar in which you’ll hear me talking while you view the slide deck for “Churchill: Leader in Time of Crisis.”


I’ll return to normal Leading Thoughts next time. For now, find a quiet half an hour, let this talk seep into you, and then lead differently with what you hear. We will get through this crisis. We will be better. I want to do everything I can to help you win that better season. Bless you. I’m proud of you.