If you’ve been walking with me for a while, you know that I find deep meaning in the celebration of Thanksgiving. Now, I love all the food and football that most Americans enjoy on this holiday. Yet I also love the heritage behind Thanksgiving and the power of that heritage to impart some of what we need for the struggles of our time.

So, though I won’t make it a common practice, let me once again do what I did last week: let me make this week’s Leading Thoughts a link to a podcast I’ve just recorded. This time, it is a podcast in which I retell the Thanksgiving Story. Listen to it and then, if you think it appropriate, you might urge others in your family to listen as well.

You also might enjoy reading The Pilgrims in Their Own Words. Perhaps knowing the story of the first Thanksgiving will change some of the lives around you—and change your Thanksgiving celebration this week too.

Happy Thanksgiving to you.  Enjoy watching Notre Dame crush Stanford on Saturday.