The Betrayal of The Kurds—Again

Donald Trump’s betrayal of the Kurds may be one of the most important events to happen in our lifetime. Having just returned from Iraqi Kurdistan, Stephen shares his knowledge and personal experience regarding U.S. policy and matters involving the Kurds and Turks. The Kurds are some of the most gracious, [read more]

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Good News About the Kurds

If you’re a regular listener, you know that Stephen's hammered the Trump administration for its lack of support of the Kurds. But something wonderful happened earlier this month. The Trump administration broke ground on a brand new consulate in Erbil. This $600 million facility, situated on a 200,000 square meter [read more]

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We Are Losing Iraq

On May 12, there were elections in Iraq, and the main winner was the Shiite party. Since then, the government in Baghdad has announced anyone caught not fasting during Ramadan can be turned over to the judiciary. This is tragic for many reasons, including that many Americans and other nationalities [read more]

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The Wrong Side of History

On September 25, the Kurds of Iraqi Kurdistan will have a referendum on whether Iraqi Kurdistan needs to break from the rest of Iraq. Stephen believes it will pass with 80 to 90% support. Yet the United States is doing everything it can to fight this independence movement. Why is [read more]

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What Looms for Kurdistan

On September 25th, a Referendum on Independence will be voted on by the Kurds of Iraqi Kurdistan. If the referendum passes, as it is sure to do, the largest people group in the world without a homeland of their own will finally be on a path to that homeland. It [read more]

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How News Comes: Turkey and the Kurds

We are used to breaking news and exciting headlines. These give us the impression that big events happen suddenly, dramatically. Often, though, the trends that shape our times emerge slowly and are only in the background of the news cycles. Stephen explains how this works and uses some recent news [read more]

2017-05-17T14:28:57-04:00May 17th, 2017|Podcast|

On Syria

More than 400,000 human beings have been killed in the Syrian civil war. The United States has only recently engaged in the conflict openly and directly. This happened on April 6 when President Donald Trump ordered the bombing of Syrian air bases from which chemical bombings had been launched. In [read more]

2017-04-18T17:10:49-04:00April 18th, 2017|Podcast|

Kurdistan Rising

While most Americans are distracted by the Trump administration’s first months, there is an historic moment approaching in the Middle East. With ISIS soon to be defeated, the opportunity for a free and independent nation of Kurdistan is upon us. It is long past due, though it could be prevented [read more]

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Update On The Kurds

Good news from the Middle East? Yes! And the Kurds are making it happen. In this week’s podcast, Stephen describes the good news—the liberation of Mosul!—and some of the challenges facing the Kurds. Then, he prepares us for what might be some of the biggest news yet—the move toward an [read more]

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Speed Round Q&A with Stephen

In this fast-paced episode, Stephen answers questions from his listeners. From theology to the election, from books to Stephen’s political aspirations, no topic is off-limits in these lightning-round free-for-alls! [custom_font font_family='Open Sans' font_size='11' line_height='26' font_style='none' text_align='left' font_weight='300' color='' background_color='' text_decoration='none' text_shadow='no' padding='0px' margin='0px']CC image courtesy of Michael Hernan on Flickr[/custom_font]

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